Huainan City Tianyi Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a main network services tech network companies, is committed to build a B2C network platform, the construction of universal Internet platform businesses, for government agencies, enterprises and individual users with network services, creating Tianyi Science and Technology brands. The company mainly engaged in: Web Services, Short Message, advertising design. Including: Web Services: Website Design / Domain Registration / Web Hosting / Email / Web site promotion; Short Message: Tianyi Professional SMS platform / MMS / mobile news business; advertising design: graphic design / publicity pictures production / creative copywriting agency and production.

Sky Network with professional and technical personnel, all-round strategic partnership, Hefei, Huainan and linkage based on the country, truly Internet, mobile phones, flat three-dimensional integrated business promotion, set the planning, design, production as one of the service.

We reject mediocrity, we use the soul to design, to Germany seeking reputation, quality for first, our brand, innovation and future success! Sky Network since its inception, the majority of customer support and help of nearly one thousand business cooperation households, over million members, and truly become a dynamic young enterprises. The face of fierce market competition, for survival, development, innovation, optimize the team in a highly strategic, pragmatic, fast becoming a new force in the enterprise.

Tianyi people willing to work with you to create a better future! Welcome to our business enterprises and the community, we will be the best quality service for your development to open up new space.